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Odoo CRM

It is designed to manage customer relationships and store all the information about them, allowing for individualized follow-up

Control and speed

Perform your activities in less time, get full knowledge of the activities of the commercial area; calls, meetings, sending emails, budgets; all the information you need directly from the opportunity and more


Obtain useful data that allows you to make the best decisions in real time

Get deeper insights to help you make the best decisions

Customize your dashboards and get a complete view of your business

Go deeper with real-time reports and flowcharts that anyone can create and share

Review results, make comparisons and organize tasks according to planned decisions

Benefits of Odoo CRM

Centralized information 

Increased productivity

Reliable, real-time data    

Easier decision making   

CRM Odoo

Customer segmentation

Detailed follow-up

Strengthen customer relationships

Process automation

  Increased closing of opportunities = increased sales


Integración CRM Odoo

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