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Promobot Robot

Promobot is a service robot that uses artificial intelligence and moves autonomously avoiding collisions. It is ideal to give personalized attention to your customers.

Customer service
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User experience
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Automatic learning
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Artificial Intelligence 
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Why Promobot?

Promobot will benefit your company to attract more customers, you can also use new technologies to obtain interesting metrics to increase productivity and sales, for example, you can survey your customers or use image recognition to know the tastes, requests and suggestions. You will also be able to give a personalized and technological attention.

Facial recognition

Automatic learning

Automatic navigation


Multiple languages

Personalized movements

Face tracking

Use cases

Promobot can be used in airports, bus stations, supermarkets or department stores, museums, hospitals, agencies and everywhere else you can imagine.

Promobot in Museums

It can give instructions in a museum or provide relevant information about any area. 


Promobot in Hotels

It can reserve rooms or tell guests where their room is located.


Promobot in Companies

It can be of support in companies to give reports, schedule meetings, watch over employees, etc.


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