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What is an MRP system?

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MRP (Material Requirements Planning)

An MRP (Material Requirements Planning) system is a tool that will help you to plan the production of your business. It takes all your manufacturing in a single tool; from production orders, bills of materials, production deliveries, material availability, production routes, among other features that will help you keep your inventories at an optimal level for your planning which will improve the relationship with your customers by delivering on time and in a timely manner all orders.


Online Manufacturing System


Online Manufacturing System (OMS) is a manufacturing system designed to gather and store production information for transparency, control, and optimization. From order placement and product development to process control and production output, it is documented and analyzed to easily detect missteps or malfunctions that cost time and money, and then corrected or replaced. This capability greatly increases the efficiency and capabilities of manufacturers of all sizes.


  • Organizes and controls production and operations by capturing operator data, managing standard times and controlling material movements.

  • Detects cost deviations that may occur on a daily basis to adapt preventive measures.

  • Controls labor performance.

  • Automatically sends procurement orders according to production planning.

  • Performs production simulations to manage resource capacities.

  • Real-time technical assistance, with a work order management platform and a service management platform to assign and manage the work of technicians.

  • Service call logging to monitor technician interventions and control history.


Process automation

Productivity increase

Minimize inventories of materials and products

Ease of implementation

Odoo Sistema MRP

Cost reduction

Simplified processes

Waste reduction

Strategic approach


Integración Sistema MRP Odoo

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