Intelligent Queues

We implement, develop and integrate different technologies and IT solutions such as virtual queue to automate your processes to the maximum.

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What are Intelligent Queues? 

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Intelligent Queues

With an intelligent queue system, also known as a virtual queue, you can streamline customer service, anticipate product orders from the queue and streamline the operation and immediate collection for fast customer turnover. You will be able to obtain reports, data, and analytics to generate savings and increase sales.

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Filas Inteligentes

One of the biggest customer complaints is always the wait time, regardless of the product or service.

Fila virtual

Integritas' smart queues streamline customer service by anticipating the ordering of products by scanning a QR code.

Gestión de fila virtual

By scanning the code, customers can navigate through the entire menu and, thus, anticipate the order of products or services from the queue.

Software de fila virtual

In addition, it has the option of immediate payment so the only thing left to do is to pick up the products or wait your turn, in the case of services. 

By implementing this system you can avoid crowds inside your business, keeping your customers safe

The pandemic has created new needs and opportunities, and even exposed many existing ones, so businesses are forced to work with cost levels never seen before. In order to lessen the impact of this new normal, they have to offer better customer service, ad hoc to the current situation and use it as a basis for the near future to streamline operations, reduce costs and increase sales.  

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